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Press Service
Notice of Postponement of CDIIF 2022

Reunite in Chengdu when Spring Comes

—— Notice of Postponement of CDIIF 2022


In order to secure all participants’ health and safety effectively and to protect exhibitors' benefits to the full extent, after prudent consideration, the organizing committee of the Chengdu International Industry Fair decided to make the following announcement:


The 2nd Chengdu International Industry Fair (CDIIF 2022), originally scheduled to be held on 19-21 October, 2022 at the Western China International Expo City, will be postponed until 26-28 April, 2023. The show venue remains the same.


The success of the 1st Chengdu International Industry Fair has set off an upsurge of digital transformation in manufacturing industry in Chengdu and Chongqing regions. The three-day event has attracted over the 600 finest domestic and foreign enterprises, constituting a total exhibition area of 50,000 sqm. Many new technologies and products, meeting the Western China’s market demand, have made their debuts. Over 40,000 professional visitors have attended this wonderful event.


As the key engine to promote the upgrading of manufacturing industries in the central and western regions and the exceeding development of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, the 1st CDIIF has fully highlighted the generational feature of manufacturing development, presented the aggregational feature of each single process within the intelligent manufacturing production chain, and released the creative feature of further development of industrial capacity in the central and western regions.


With the theme of “Get New Technology First”, CDIIF 2023 will continue to focus on key industrial sectors, including Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool, Robotics, Industrial Automation, Advanced Material and Information & Communication Technology, Energy-saving & Industrial Accessory, and Metro Transit. There would be an increasing number of top international and domestic enterprises in the event. The concurrent forums will closely follow the national development strategy and focus on new trends in industrial development. The digital transformation ecology and scene exhibition area, which made a splash during CDIIF 2021, will be re-installed and upgraded, inviting local industries and enterprises in Sichuan to jointly explore and upgrade new modes of transformation. With professional visitors going into action without delay, the number of both online and offline pre-registrations has exceeded expectations. The preparation is all set for the great gathering.


However, the reoccurrence of COVID-19 epidemic interrupted CDIIF again. But our footsteps will not stop, we will do our best to prepare for the next year's brilliance. CDIIF will further build a genuine global communication and cooperation platform for manufacturing industry, fully demonstrating the important achievements of national and global manufacturing technology innovation, new technology and new product applications; fully reflecting the linkage feature and integration feature between the innovation chain and industry chain; therefore, accelerating the cooperation and communication among manufacturing enterprises in central and western China and leading enterprises at home and abroad.


May all regrets of this year be the foreshadowing of next year's surprise!


We sincerely appreciate the company and support from all the exhibitors, visitors, partners, government authorities, and industry organizations at all levels who care about CDIIF.


We firmly believe in the returning of a spectacular industrial event with great crowd, safety, and efficiency.


Let’s reunite in Chengdu when spring comes!



  Organizing Committee of Chengdu International Industry Fair

22 September, 2022