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Deep tech adoption to drive reskilling

Forward from Bureau  Hyderabad

With automation impacting businesses and hiring, reskilling holds the key. IT industry bodies such as Nasscom (National Association of Software and Services Companies) says most of the skills become obsolete within no time.

“The workforce is rapidly evolving. Surveys suggest that about 54 per cent of the world’s workforce will need reskilling and upskilling by 2022. A LinkedIn survey says 42 per cent of the core skills required for jobs would change,” said Lakshmi Mittra, Vice-President and Head of Clover Academy (a part of IT solutions firm Clover Infotech).

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She said that 2021 will see organisations focussing on reskilling of staff, keeping in view the emerging gaps.

“As the core job skills change, without appropriate intervention, this mismatch between market requirements and skills will grow more acute in the future. There is a need to invest heavily in the upskilling and reskilling of youth,” she adds.

As dependence of companies on technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, she outlines four key trends that will shape up reskilling this year.

1) Emerging technologies

Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and RPA (robotic process association) are reshaping how organisations do business, engage with customers, and manage their operations. Gartner predicts 70 per cent of organisations will integrate AI to assist employee productivity in 2021. To get ready for the situation, there is a pressing need for global businesses to respond effectively and focus on the future skills and talent management.

2) Data-driven culture

Data driven organisations are better at decision making. A McKinsey survey reveals that data driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and six times as likely to retain those customers. The year 2021 will witness enterprises integrating data and analytics in its business strategy.

3) Self-motivation by staff for reskilling

As new-age technologies are disrupting traditional business models across industries, employees need to reskill themselves to stay productive and relevant. Professionals are seeking company run training programs to help them gain edge and stay competitive.

4) Learning management systems

Enabling location-agnostic, on-demand learning facilities, tools powered by Learning Management Systems are increasingly picking up pace for being centralised portals offering a quality experience, bringing the classroom and training sessions online.